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The Basics of Canine Nutrition


The Basics of Canine Nutrition By now you have understood the importance of providing your puppy high quality food for his good health and overall well being. Think of your puppy's body as a multi part machine that needs fuel to keep working. Any deficiency of fuel will make the parts of the machine [...]

The Basics of Canine Nutrition2018-11-27T07:10:12+00:00

Ultimate Guide: First-Time Dog Ownership


This is one of the most important guides which will help you to become a responsible dog owner. If you recently brought a puppy to your home or are planning to get one, this article is a must for you which will help you understand about what it takes to get a puppy, care for [...]

Ultimate Guide: First-Time Dog Ownership2018-11-27T06:28:49+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Food and Nutrition


Q: Which type of protein is best for my dog? A: Animal based proteins are the best for your dogs. Dogs are biologically adapted to derive trion from animal based products from effectively than plant based ones. Also, proteins derived from meat and other animal based are complete which means they have all ten amino [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Food and Nutrition2018-11-27T06:29:39+00:00

Ultimate Guide: Dog Food – Everything you need to know


Being a dog owner means being responsible for your dog’s daily needs. It is not just about walking your dog and taking him to the veterinarian; it means you are also responsible for providing your dog healthy and nutritious food. A lot of dog owners lack basic knowledge of canine nutrition. They only shop for [...]

Ultimate Guide: Dog Food – Everything you need to know2018-11-27T06:30:45+00:00

How To Make Fearful And Scared Dogs Feel Safe


It is not uncommon for dogs to be fearful or afraid however, not addressing your dog’s issue could lead to several problems like your dog could show aggressive responses and can even attack. A lot of time dog owners fail to understand what their dogs are feeling which can lead to unwanted results. As a [...]

How To Make Fearful And Scared Dogs Feel Safe2018-12-08T07:26:16+00:00

Risks Of Using Positive Punishment In Dog Training


Using positive punishments while training dogs is an aversive method. A lot of scientific study done on dog training and using positive punishments show that using such aversive methods may have certain risks and many undesirable outcomes. These studies also say that using these techniques or methods are not the best for your dog's welfare. [...]

Risks Of Using Positive Punishment In Dog Training2018-12-08T07:26:55+00:00

All About Clickers


Clickers are often used in training dogs and even other animals. These are sounds or actions, basically a click which signals the dog when it has done something right. It is a way of marking the moment when a dog shows the right behavior. It also helps owner buy buying enough time so that he [...]

All About Clickers2018-12-08T07:27:29+00:00

Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training


One of the most effective ways of training your dog is positive reinforcement. But what is it? Positive reinforcement is the act of rewarding or adding something just after your dog acts or behaves in a certain way in order to make the frequency of the behavior go up. For instance, when you ask your [...]

Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training2018-12-08T08:17:30+00:00

All About Effectively Training Your Dog


Training your dog well plays a very important part in determining its behavior. There are numerous articles and manuals on the internet about the right way to train your dog which are not necessarily correct. Dog training is not the same for everyone; some dogs are easy to train while it is difficult with others. [...]

All About Effectively Training Your Dog2018-12-08T08:18:53+00:00
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