All About Effectively Training Your Dog


Training your dog well plays a very important part in determining its behavior. There are numerous articles and manuals on the internet about the right way to train your dog which are not necessarily correct. Dog training is not the same for everyone; some dogs are easy to train while it is difficult with others. Here, people make the biggest mistake and blame their dogs calling them untamable. On the other hand, some people get away by using methods which are not recommended by professionals however, it works just fine for them. But it is indeed crucial for every dog owner to know the correct way of training one’s dog which will make sure that it is obedient, well mannered and friendly. While people have a hard time which method is good and which is not, here are a few ways through which you can train your new member efficiently.

  • A lot of people believe that being the pack leader or the alpha is the most important part of dog training while in reality, it is quite the opposite; in fact it is not important at all. Trying to make the dog the alpha one makes people use aggressive and confrontational methods which is not at all healthy and in fact can be very harmful for the dog-owner relationship. These methods are also never recommended by dog training professionals because of the raised concerns regarding animal welfare.
  • It is recommended by most dog training experts to use modern methods. One of the best ways is to reward them with food or their favorite treat. For example, reward your dog with food when it sits or stand on your command. Food is not the only option. You can also use other options like its favorite game or lots of petting when it successfully completes its training exercise. However, food has been proven to be the easiest and most effective reward in dog training.
  • A lot of dog trainers recommend prong collar, shock collar and leash correction and claim them to be gentle and humane way to train your dog effectively. These are bad dog training advices that you need to stay away from. Food is a much easier and more effective way to train your dog while collars and leashes will only make your scared of you. Your goal is not to make your dog fear you but to make it obedient. Hence, whenever you go to a dog trainer or read guides on dog training over the internet, think carefully about the methods which they claim to be gentle and kind.